Bass Tackle Kits & Gift Packs

New to Bass fishing and don't know how to get started?

Familiar with Bass fishing and want to expand your reach?

TRT Bass Lure kits are put together using a variety of high quality baits, not cheap discount baits that nobody wanted in the first place but includes tackle that some of our clientele have used to land their personal bests!

Although all of baits will catch either Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass we are offering tackle kits that are tailored to the individual species as well as one that applies to both. Both species can be found together at times but are more often found in different types of cover and have different diets so the size and type of baits used for each species varies. Included in the tackle packs are different types of lures for the various locations, conditions and bodies of water that you may be fishing.

Also included will be a basic information pamphlet on rigging and fishing methods and locations for the baits supplied in the kits to help you be more effective on the water.