Trophy Lures Smallmouth Bass Tackle Kit - 224 Pieces

Trophy Lures Smallmouth Bass Tackle Kit - 224 Pieces
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Product Description

Trophy Lures Smallmouth Bass Tackle Kit - 224 Pieces
Smallmouth Bass tackle kits come with a wide variety of different high quality baits for proven techniques used in different styles of fishing to help make your fishing experience more effective.

Trophy Lures tackle kits are not put together with cheap low quality baits that could not sell in the stores, but include baits that some of our clientele have used to land their personal bests!

Smallmouth lure packages will come with a variety of different colored bait combinations to choose from as well as some hooks, jigheads and sinkers to get you started as well.

Smallmouth tackle kit will include the following:

4" Ring Tube - one package

4" Torpedo Craw - one package

4" Real Craw - one package

3.5" Beaver Craw - one package

5" Timber Hog - one package

3.5" Swim'n Minnow Swimbaits - two packages

5" Swim'n Minnow Swimbaits - one package

3.8" Speed Shad Swimbaits - one package

5" Curl Tail Grub - two packages

4" Curl Tail Grub - one package

3" Drumstix (salted stick worm) one package

4" Fat Stix (salted stick worm) two packages

5" Fat Stix (salted stick worm) one package

4.5" Trick Stix - one package

Gamakatsu Hook Assortment - 10 pieces

Bullet, Tube & Jig Head Assortment - 15 Pieces

Swimbait Jighead Assortment - 5 pack

Bullet Weight Assortment - 5 pack

Fishermans Thumb - thumb protector